About us

Limited Liability Company – enterprise "Polimer” is one of the leaders on the market of polyethylene production manufacturing in Ukraine. The 20th-year work experience has led the enterprise from manufacturing of small consignments of polyethylene coverings for books and notebooks to production of high quality polyethylene package for many branches of industry.

Today we have a wide range of modern extruders, granulators and agglomerators, brazing-and-cutting apparatuses, high-technology flexographic machines.
The main goal in the work of "Polimer” is to provide consumers with all types of soft packing material including polyethylene film with imprints, bags with pictures, shrink wrap, food wrap as well as polyethylene film of high quality for hothouse and household use. 
Our philosophy is based on the integrated approach in fulfilling customers’ orders, the use of modern innovation methods in conducting business.

We are also looking for foreign partners for cooperation.
Our work is aimed at maximal satisfaction of clients’ needs and their minimal expenses.
Principles of our activities:
  • client-oriented business;
  • constant development and  search for new technologies as the basis of success;
  • professional improvement and growth;
  • quality of production as the highest consideration;
  • sincerity in  financial relations.
The staff policy of the enterprise is based on the careful choice and training highly qualified personnel being able not only to master modern equipment and production technologies but also to give professional consultations to customers in choosing necessary products and to respond quickly and efficiently to their requirements.
Business department of our enterprise may serve as a perfect example of this. Its main task is the development of partnership relations with suppliers and clients as well as the attraction of potential customers for new types of production.
Business department coordinates the work of all subdivisions of the company, controls the fulfillment of orders and informs the clients about the stage of production if needed.

Specialists of the department make their best to create optimal schemes of cooperation, to optimize labor and explicit costs of the enterprise. The department introduces into practice modern logistic systems and technologies permitting to keep up constant stock reserve of products, thus making possible fulfillment of any order.

Design department carries out the development and preprint preparation of original model of packaging material. Fulfilling the customers’ requests and using nonstandard ideas they create original package, giving the production a unique and presentable appearance. 

Considerable investments into industrial capacity allow the executive authorities of the company to ensure stable financed position of the enterprise as well as to increase the competitive production level.

Today "Polimer” has in its disposal modern high productivity extrusion lines leading to manufacturing of more than 300 tons of high quality polyethylene production every month. Automated equipment permits to carry out the whole cycle of production: from making polyethylene production to secondary raw material processing. 

Modern flexographic equipment is used at the enterprise which enables to make qualified full-color imprints both on polyethylene goods and other materials.

A new speed highly productive line in manufacturing of three-layer film has been put into use this year.
Limited Liability Company – the enterprise "Polymer” constantly works to improve the standards of service, to introduce the effective systems of control of production quality at every stage. All production is made of high quality feedstock, is in agreement with specification requirements and GOST of Ukraine which has been confirmed by the appropriate documents. The qualitative and operating characteristics of our production were marked by diplomas and letters of awards at various exhibitions and competitions.
Today practically all production of our national manufacturers is packed in film-packaging material. The development of industry, its orientation to European standards require modern, costly and qualified package. Taking into consideration the changes on the market and being guided by consumers’ requests "Polimer” constantly increases its production volume, expands the assortment and also works hard to study new technical and technological projects in the sphere of polyethylene film production.
In the long-term plans of Limited Liability Company – the enterprise "Polimer” is the expansion of assortment due to introducing new types of products: milk film with imprints, polypropylene laminated film, multi-layer film for vacuumizing of products. Production modernization implies considerable supplementation of all available equipment with modern highly technological machines capable to fulfill production plans of the enterprise.