Ltd. - company "Polymer" - one of the market leaders in the production of polyethylene film and packaging

Ltd. - company "Polymer" has long been a leader in the production of high quality products made of polyethylene. Despite the fact that we are the best in Ukraine, we do not allow ourselves to relax and keep moving forward and conquer new heights. Team company is confident that, thanks to hard work and the general impact beloved work, we can help many consumers to obtain high-quality products. Reliable staff - is the foundation of the success of the company.

Using the newest equipment and good raw material, we carry out all orders on time, that should please the customers. We always listen to the views of customers and coordinate with him all phases of work. If customers have questions, they can always call us or drive to the office.

Cooperating with large shopping centers, shops, businesses - we offer the best terms and prices. Naturally, the wholesale customer orders can get a discount.

As you can see advantages in ns very much, and we try to constantly evolve, because when you move, you live.

Enterprise "Polymer" makes everything possible for their clients, so we have many regular customers.