Experienced staff and the newest equipment

As we know, from the well selected staff on the success and earnings of the company. Therefore, the personnel department Ltd. - company "Polymer" is trying as carefully as possible to choose the staff and, if necessary, to teach them further. We understand that how quality and hard work of our colleagues, and depends on the enterprise profit.

For our work, we have bought new equipment itself, which provides high-speed production and increase the efficiency of all processes. With this production runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once the goods are ready, quality control department checks to avoid errors.

To date, of compete not only with domestic firms, but also with European, which provides an incentive to develop and conquer new heights. Also, managers are looking for partners abroad.

If you need high quality plastic products, while the company "Polymer" is perfect for you. We make every effort so that the client was satisfied, while spending a minimum of cash.