The manufacturing department is the heart of the enterprise where a wide assortment of production is made.
Today productive capacity of "POLYMER” provides manufacturing of more than 300 tons of high-quality polyethylene production every month. The enterprise works in continuous run mode- from manufacturing to waste processing. 
Advanced manufacturing techniques, automated equipment and qualified operating personnel provide not only production of a wide assortment of polyethylene goods but also fulfillment of any volumes of orders quickly and efficiently.
Производство предприятия
Raw material resources base presented by high-quality polyethylene granules of well-known foreign suppliers from former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Russia, Belarus provides excellent operating characteristics of finished products. Due to corporate secretes of combining various types of polyethylene (LDP, HDP) in definite proportions we produce high-quality polyethylene production resistant to stretching and tearing. 
The use of various additives (stabilizers, antifogs, colorants etc.) gives the film specific features required by customers.
Modern automated extruders are installed at the enterprise. The effective work of high-performance extrusive equipment is controlled by qualified specialists. Extruder design provides working with formulas containing both LDP and HDP. 
Specified film width and thickness of every layer are strictly kept in the machines. Besides a new speed highly productive line in manufacturing of mono- and three-layer film has been installed this year.
Manufacturing of polyethylene bags is performed at the department equipped with special brazing-and-cutting machines. Available technology provides production of various types of bags of different sizes and modification.
POLIMER has manufacturing technologies capable to perform secondary processing of polymer film, previously used polyethylene bags as well as junk processing. At the granulation area the granulators and agglomerators are installed for this purpose.
 Technological characteristics of modern flexography equipment provide printing on all kinds of packaging materials (polyethylene film, polypropylene, corrugated board, paper, foil etc.). Special printing inks are used for polyethylene packages making them safe for contact with  foodstaff.
Qualified technicians and engineers of the company are responsible for continuous and safe work of all equipment at the enterprise. Testing the finished product they control its quality and conformity to definite standards.
All products are certified, satisfy hygienic regulations, are permitted for contact with food and are in agreement with specification requirements and GOST.