Plastic bags

Today polyethylene package becomes more and more popular because of its excellent service performances. It reliably protects the product against becoming wet and damaged as well as preserves its quality. Polyethylene bags are widely used for packaging both nonfood products and foodstaff such as bulk stock and hard products, bags for vacuumizing food products, holding garbage etc. Polyethylene bags with logotypes present inexpensive and very profitable kind of advertisement promoting an adequate image of the company on the market.

Limited Liability Company - the enterprise "POLIMER” produces polyethylene bags of various thickness using different types of polypropylene and their combinations

On the production of plastic bags
Today the company offers the following types of bags:
  • linear bags (bag-in-box);
  • t-shirt bags;
  • banana-type bags with  firm("rider”) and non-firm handles;
  • package bags and garbage bags;
  • bags with corporate trade marks.
"POLYMER” offers customized production of polyethylene linear bags of various sizes, thickness and optical-mechanical characteristics. These bags are made of polyethylene film with single or double seam as well as polyethylene of high and low pressure (LDPE, HDPE). They are usually used as liners into corrugated boxes, for packaging of fat, margarine, butter, jam etc. Bags for packaging of macaroni, cereals, cement and other nonfood and food products as well as bags for growing mushrooms, pickling of vegetables, freezing of fruit and vegetables etc. are also in the list of produced goods.
T-shirt bags are the most popular type of bags because of their low price and resistibility having the thickness only 25mkm. The presence of lateral folds increases their capacity and design of the handles allows to carry heavy loads. These bags are recommended for use by commercial organizations, shops and supermarkets, markets and for household use.
The presence of die cut handles in the bags of "banana” type makes them reliable and convenient. Strengthening of handles considerably increases service performances of the bags, and bottom gussets make them more roomy. These bags look rather aesthetic and presentable and are often used for advertisement, clothes packaging etc.
Package bags are widely used in sale for packaging of bulk stock and not very heavy hard products. Reliability, proper hygienic characteristics, the possibility to provide increased shelf life of the foodstaffs are the main features of packaging bags produced by the enterprise "POLYMER”.
Polyethylene garbage bags of various volume (20-120l) are offered for holding and utilization of garbage. The thickness of these bags  provides their high firmness. Garbage bags are packaged in compact rolls in 20, 30, 40 items making their transportation and storage rather easy. 
Polyethylene of high (PHP) and low (PLP) pressure is used for bag production. Owing to the employment of modern equipment and materials "Polymer” produces high-quality polyethylene bags of various colors, sizes and degrees of firmness.
Strict quality control on each stage of production - from the feedstock to the final products - provides high qualitative characteristics of bags and excludes manufacturing substandard products. Every produced bag has the quality passport as well as the safety and health certificate. 
Being aimed at maximal satisfaction of customers’ requirements "Polimer” offers a wide assortment of high-quality production and mutually profitable cooperation.
Considering individual needs of customers and the destination of purchased polyethylene bags, qualified managers of our company will help you to choose the type of bags required, to make the best choice of polyethylene for their manufacturing as well as their optimal size.

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