Flexographic printing
Packaging material with proprietary logo or an original image has attractive appearance and makes the packaged goods competitive and presentable. Besides polyethylene bags with applied logotype are considered to be inexpensive and rather effective kind of advertisement.

Flexographic printing
Flexographic printing as a variant of relief printing method implies the use of highly elastic photopolymer plates and liquid quick-drying printing inks.
Today flexography is one of the most popular kinds of printing because it has no limitations as to the type of packaging material (polyethylene, polypropylene, paper, foil etc.). It permits to obtain imprints of high quality and low prime cost. 
Flexographic printing provides applying a very thin ink layer on the final product using "plates” (flexible stereotypes) made separately for every ink. Such type of printing permits to obtain a variety of color shades and halftones as well as to match the colors perfectly in multicolor printing by means of automatic printing plate registration.  
The advantages of flexographic printing:
  • simple technology;
  • small amount of wastes;
  • low inputs into production;
  • high productive capacity;
  • high quality of imprints on various materials;
  • ecological compatibility ( use of water- and alcohol-based inks);
  • low energy consumption equipment as compared with offset printing.

Limited Liability Company – enterprise "Polymer” makes printing on all kinds of packaging materials (polyethylene film, polypropylene, corrugated board, paper, foil, self-adhesive materials, metalized and pearly polypropylene etc.). The printing is made both on our material and the customer’s material. We apply images on polyethylene bags and film (from 1 to 6 colors including full-color printing) in flexographic manner on modern two- and six-coloring machines. We also offer crease printing, spot color printing and tonal printing as well as their combinations with writing resolution 40-120 lines per inch.
Our equipment permits apply images on the film with maximal width 850mm. Maximal spacing is 600mm. Approximate timing of orders is two weeks.
High quality of images is provided not only by modern automated equipment but also due to strict control of flexographic printing quality.
Considering the dynamic development of food market, packaging material manufacturers must constantly improve the product quality. POLYMER is guided by the motto of Packaging Workers Union: "Through better package to better life!” We acknowledge that success of our work depends on qualified package with distinct flexographic printing. This is precisely why we offer our customers production of the highest level.
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