Plastic film
Enterprise Polimer ltd. for many years engaged in the production of polyethylene products of high quality and is a leader in its industry. Plastic film - one of the most common types of packaging and protection equipment, covering greenhouses, various agricultural purposes, etc. All this thanks to the film properties such as high strength, air and water tightness.

Types of produced polyethylene
Polimer enterprise ltd. produces polyethylene film by extrusion method from polyethylene of high (PHP) and low (PLP) pressure. Certain colorants can be used in the process of production in order to obtain films of various colors. 
We produce polyethylene film of three types depending on its use:
  • sleeved film;
  • centre-fold film;
  • sheet film
Polyethylene sleeve may be both folded (inwardly curved lateral folds) and doubled. All types of film are made in reels. The customer himself chooses the film thickness, colour, width of the reel and number of linear meters in it.
 The width of the film is 180 - 2500mm and its thickness – 15-200mkm.
The enterprise produces various types of film according to customers’ orders. 
Shrinkable film is made of PHP with possible use of composition materials and colouring additives. It is designed for formation of artificial production including production in consumer container, in multiple packing as well as for packaging of bulky cargo and palletization.
The consumers have already estimated the benefits of shrinkable film:
  • ecological and hygienic material;
  • high physical and mechanical properties;
  • effective protection from invironmental influence;
  • esthetics;
  • possibility of visual control of goods due to its transparency;
  • transportation conveniences.
Polyethylene hothouse film is an elastic and inexpensive material for hothouses and hotbeds being in great demand among people. This film is rather firm, transparent and exhibits high resistance to ultraviolet exposure due to special additives (stabilizes).
Polyethylene film for household use is widely employed in various spheres of life due to its high operating characteristics.
In building and repair works polyethylene film is used for heat insulation and waterproofing, for construction of temporary installations and protective shelters as well as in interior finishing works.
In agriculture polyethylene film is employed as waterproofing material, packaging of agricultural production as well as in meliorative and water engineering.
You can get detailed information about our production addressing to the managers of Limited Liability Company – enterprise "Polimer”.

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